iPhone Insurance by Guard Assure Mobile Device Protection Plan

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More and more customers are submitting claims and receiving help from Guard Assure every day and our numbers speak for themselves. We’ve saved our customers an incredible amount of money. Get a Guard Assure Mobile Protection plan today and put your mind at ease!





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Coverage and Protection.


If you cannot use your phone anymore because of a cracked screen or additional problems, you are covered!


Can’t find your phone? Maybe it was left somewhere by accident. Submit a claim because we cover lost phones.


Don’t get caught without a phone. If your device was stolen from you, get a replacement phone before you even notice it’s not there.

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Cracked Phone Screen Protected by Guard Assure Mobile Insurance Plus and Premium Packages
Green Check Mark Indicating What's Covered Under Guard Assure Mobile Device Insurance Plans

What IS Covered


Your Wireless Device

Your OEM Wireless Device Battery

Your OEM Wireless Device Charger

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Red X Indicating What's Not Covered Under Guard Assure Mobile Device Insurance Plans

What’s Not Covered


Accessories, Software, Apps, Games

Data, Media, Photos, Ringtones

SD or Micro SD Cards

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